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Bristol Arctic Char

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Lake Superior White Fish


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Lake Superior Whitefish is considered “Superior” in taste to all other Whitefish from the Great Lakes. Great Lake Whitefish contain more Omega-3 fatty acids than Pink and Sockeye Salmon.

The Bristol Arctic Char is a farmed raised fish from Bristol, WI. Our Arctic Char is raised indoors in aquaponds where the food, temperature, and outside elements are all controlled by us. The Bristol Arctic Char is raised with no chemicals or pesticides. The meat comes out an ivory color with a clean, non-fishy, taste.

Our Walleye are a wild caught fish with a delicious taste. The meat is white and flakey without a fishy taste.

The Saugeye is a hybrid of a Sauger and a Walleye. This hybrid fish has traits from both the Sauger and the Walleye. The Saugeye is larger than a Sauger and grows to maturity faster than a Walleye. It is a white meat fish that is tasty and flakey when cooked.

AquaTerra Farms' Lake Trout is wild caught from Lake Superior. It has a rich and full flavour with a firm yet creamy texture and moderate to high fat content.