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Brandon & Schuyler's History

Schuyler and Brandon Pigott have been working on AquaTerra Farms since 2009. It is a company that is near to their hearts. Prior to forming AquaTerra Farms, they had a family business called Nucon Co., founded in 1985. Nucon designed, developed, and manufactured plastic products made from recycled materials. They recycled approximately 25 million pounds of plastic annually, single-handedly converting the container industry from wood to recycled plastic pallets. Nucon achieved substantial reduction of plastic containers ending up in landfills and saving hardwood forests from being harvested for wood pallets.

They had plastic molding facilities in the United States, Europe, Brazil, and Australia. At the end of their useful life, the pallets were recycled into new products. After 16 years as a leading manufacturer of plastic pallets for the beverage and container industry, Nucon Co. sold their company in February 2002.

After the sale of Nucon Co., Schuyler and Brandon founded Great Northern Development based on their philosophy to always give back. They began work with neighborhood housing services in Racine, WI to identify and rehab houses in at risk neighborhoods, turning wrecks into homes.

The same philosophy used to form Nucon Co. and Great Northern Development was used in developing AquaTerra Farms. In 2008, Schuyler was on a deep sea fishing excursion and got to talking about how the consumption of fish has gone up causing issues of the waters being over-fished. World Health Organization stated “the total food fish supply and hence consumption has been growing at a rate of 3.6% per year since 1961.” (

The solution to this problem is fish farms. After researching this market, Schuyler and Brandon found that to most fish farmers, it is about quantity not quality. They saw an opportunity to redefine the fish farm industry and wanted AquaTerra Farms to be about the quality of the fish. Typically in traditional fish farming, there is substantial use of antibiotics, pesticides, and fungicides to control parasites and diseases due to over crowding, poor circulation and filtering of water. AquaTerra felt they could do better! Schuyler and Brandon researched and investigated for over two years to identify not only the most talented professionals, but the type of state of the art equipment that will achieve the desired results of a fish that is raised disease and parasite free. AquaTerra uses only the highest quality, FDA approved ingredients formulated into a high protein diet, designed specifically for their arctic char. Some of the finest ingredients include marine lipids (high in Omega-3), soybean meal, selected grains, minerals, and other choice ingredients. This achieves a natural looking and tasting fillet. AquaTerra's goal is to supply arctic char so fresh, that the consumer will have that just caught and cooked taste experience from their local distributor.